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This cool, light weight SAI Therapeutic ankle stabilizer combines the compression and comfort of a soft ankle brace with the rigid stability of an ankle stirrup. The fully adjustable strapping system provides optimum medial-lateral control, and will not stretch during exercise. This is one of the most widely used ankle bracing systems today because of its proven performance, comfort and durability. It can be worn after an acute ankle sprain or as a preventative product to protect against repeat ankle sprains during athletic activities.

Ankle Brace


    • Criss-cross nylon encircling stabilizer straps maintain the ankle in a neutral position to prevent inversion or eversion sprain injury
    • Stabilizer straps can easily be retightened while still inside the shoe, and the elastic cuff effectively secures brace around the ankle
    • Strap system will not stretch during activity
    • Removable plastic stays enhance protection against a repeat sprain, provide effective treatment following an acute sprain
    • Padded heel and tongue fabric is durable and provides added comfort
    • Lightweight materials allow full range of motion in the foot and ankle
    • Slips on like a sock, slim fit design fits easily into shoes
  • SAI Therapeutic Brands

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