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Invacare Bed Package includes, BAR600IVC Bariatric bed, BARMATT42 Bariatric mattress, and BAR6640IVC Bariatric half-length bed rails.  The Invacare® BAR600IVC Bariatric Bed is a heavy-duty full-electric bed frame designed for bariatric individuals. The bed frame extends to the edges of the bed deck for better support than most other split-spring bariatric beds. Using the hand pendant, the patient or caregiver is able to change the positioning of the head and foot sections, as well as the bed height. Despite being substantial in size, bed setup within the home is easy – no special tools are needed.  

  • BAR600IVC Bariatric bed
  • BARMATT42 Bariatric mattress
  • BAR6640IVC Bariatric half-length bed rails

Bariatric Bed Package

    • Heavy-duty frame design ensures added strength for client support
    • Heavy-duty bed sleep surface is 17% larger than conventional beds to ensure comfortable positioning
    • No special tools necessary for in-home setup
    • Easy-release motor mounts allow quick motor removal
    • Quiet, smooth operation
    • Use with Invacare bariatric mattress (BARMATT42) and bed rails (BAR6640IVC): - BARMATT42 meets fire safety regulations 16CFR1633 and 16CFR1632
    • Capacity: 600 lbs (Maximum Patient Weight)
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