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Formerly the "Sleep Comfort Care Pad," the Gecko Nasal Pad is now owned by ResMed and delivers the same comfort customers came to depend on with the Sleep Comfort Care Pad. The Gecko Pad provides an extra layer of soft padding between the nasal bridge and CPAP mask to to reduce nasal skin irritation, nasal bridge soreness, and mask leaks. The Gecko Pad works with all nasal and full face masks.

Gecko Nasal Pad

SKU: 0022
  • The Gecko Pad helps prevent:

    • Mask Leaks
    • Nasal Bridge Soreness
    • Nasal Skin Irritation

    Material of the Gecko:

    • Nasal Pad: Polymer Gel Composed of USP Grade Mineral Oil
    • Latex Free: Product Does Not Contain Natural Rubber Latex
    • Silicone Free: Product Does Not Contain Silicone
  • ResMed

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