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This lumbo-sacral support is made from high quality elastic materials. It effectively stabilizes the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the lower back, offering relief from pain and discomfort. The encircling uplift panel provides additional support to the abdomen and relieves pressure over the lower back. Varying degrees of additional support can be obtained by using the optional steel stays. If pain persists, consult a physician.

Lumbosacral Support - Abdominal Uplift

    • Provides firm support and stabilization for muscles and ligaments to the low back
    • Strong elastic abdominal belt provides additional uplift support and molds around body contours for a comfortable, custom fit - adjustable for varying degrees of compression
    • 11-inch back panel covers entire low back area for maximum therapeutic benefit
    • Includes pockets for two optional semi-rigid metal stays that are adjustable and shapeable for extra-firm support
    • Tapered in front for optimum wearing comfort. Easy hook and loop fastening and adjustment
  • SAI Therapeutic Brands

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